Summer Singles 001

by GreenSleep



The first GreenSleep single in 18 years. Friend us on Facebook to learn about upcoming releases in our Summer Singles series.


released July 10, 2014

Recorded by GreenSleep at the Orchard, April 2014.
Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog Mastering.



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GreenSleep New York, New York

1992–1996. 2014–

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Track Name: Now It's Condos
Now it's Condos

I've got plaster dusted lungs
& plenty of friends & drinks to get drunk
There's a party on the south side
you should try & come.

Now things are getting shifty
& the world's about to get hurt
They'll set this place on fire.
That's the word

Worlds fly by
Out the passenger side
Of my yellow cab

Now it's condos
& surf shops serving caffeine
& Over priced cuisine

I still have plaster dusted lungs
But this time I'm not that young
still got plenty of drinks & friends to get drunk.
You should totally come

Things are getting pricey
& the world's about to go broke
so set something on fire
you might as well stay warm
Track Name: Through the Corpses
Through the Corpses

They try to fill your heart with fear
They tell you that the end is near
They tell you that you're wrong
They tell you everything is wrong

Open your window
Look outside
You'll see everything is fine
And you knew it all along
You knew it all along

Build a bridge over the broken path
This too shall pass
This too shall pass away

They convince you you're impure
And then they advertise the cure
They tell you that you're wrong
They tell you everything is wrong

Could've sworn I'd hit the bottom
But then, I'd been there before
So I crawled up through the corpses
And I stumbled back for more

And we will see ourselves through this